Christmas 2015

This year is the biggest display yet. We have put icicle lights around the entire roof line of the house (as in 2014), put lights around the trunks of our 3 main trees followed by a ring of icicle lights around the lower branches, net lights on the decorative fence, and strings along the back bushes and trees. Combined these make about 10,000 LEDs this year. There are also 8 inflatables, a lit wreath (that the ladder inflatable is reaching for), an unlit wreath, a series of candy canes, and a NOEL display I constructed. Below are a series of pictures showing how it looks from the road. The display comes on at 4:30pm and shuts off at 11pm.

Front of the house, from the right side.

Front of the house, centered.

Front of the house, from the left side (in front of the NOEL display).

Closeup of the NOEL display that changes color (noticeable in different pictures).
Each letter is made of 1/2" PVC pipe and is 5' tall by 3' wide.
They each have a 16' LED strip inside with a total of 300 RGB LEDs.

View of most everything from the corner.

Side of the house, shows the two biggest inflatables and more of the back.