Christmas 2017

2017 is starting with at least one new thing. At the end of 2016 I managed to purchase 20 "REALLY BIG LIGHTS", which is their actual name. These are giant plastic bulbs (~14.5" or almost 37cm tall) that look like old fashioned C9 lights. Inside each is an LED bulb. I bought only the white ones and was very impressed with the build quality. I took them apart, removed the original light and added WS2812 RGB LEDs (they can be individually controlled with each color separate and multiple can be linked together in a chain). These are all controlled by a Particle Photon in the first bulb. For more detail, go to the project page I made.
The display is primarily controlled using my home automation system, based on the Securifi Almond 3 and a set of controlled outlets. Not sure I ever want to get into the music and flashing lights (definitely not on the whole setup at least) but I do want to expand the system and allow more individual control.