Modifying X10 SR227 Power Outlet

Here is what I did to make both outlets controlled:

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I started work on the outlet… Here are some pictures so far. Not quite done yet and it is untested, but I hope to have that done today. In addition I will post pictures to show an XPR Duplex Outlet for comparison. This is a basic image of the back of an SR227 (note the two screws):

Step 1, removing the back cover by removing the back two screws (note the inner two screws):

Step 2, removing the front cover by removing the inner two screws. Here is where you see the interesting bits from my perspective. There is a copper wire to the left that is apparently glued between the load line and one of the outlets. In addition there is a gap just to the left of the brass "peg" on the second bar. This is what keeps both outlets from being controlled. So the "fix" is to remove the copper wire and bridge the gap:

Step 3, pulling the load bar back for easier access. It makes the gap easier to see also:

Step 4, removing the copper wire. Behind the terminal that the copper wire was attached to (not the load line connection, the other one) is a black wire going through to the boards. This needs to be moved over to the load line:

Step 5, solder the bridge across the bar gap. I used a piece of 12G wire for this:

Step 6, solder the small black wire that supplies power to the board to the load line/bar. This can sometimes be tricky, but with a little slack from the wire (there is plenty under the board, just getting more passed through is the problem) it becomes much easier:

Step 7, reassemble and enjoy both outlets.
Other Options or work:
A) You may have noticed in Step 5 a blue wire leading away at the bottom right. This is the load out line (like an XPR has) that I put on my first modified SR227. I did not put one on the second (I did not need it for the second one) used for the picture of Step 6.
B) I am trying a method to get rid of the local override feature, but have not tested it yet, so I will not describe how I did it until I prove it works.
For any of this, you are dealing with electrical equipment that IS NOT meant for the user to modify. Do so at your own risk, and understand you have completely voided any warranty. At the same time, please tell us what you did and how it worked for you, it is that spirit that keeps things going much of the time.

Pictures for the related XPR module I also did some work on:
XPR back still closed:

XPR back opened:

XPR front opened:

As you can see the XPR and the SR227 are very similar in the electrical hardware department. I am not sure how the XPR gets a higher amperage rating when they use the same gauge wires, same bars, and same switching mechanism. Part of what helps differentiate them I guess. Most home users do not use 20A from one outlet anyways so it is a moot point.